Guarantee Policy

Every printed item is custom printed for the particular requirements of the customer. Because it is custom ordered, printed items are unable to be re-used or resold. This makes an "open" returns policy very difficult to operate.

At we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the printed products we supply. We have outlined exactly what our customers can expect in guarantee and return policies.

Please remember, attitude dictates response! We are always willing to help the calm and rational customers, even if it is something beyond the scope of our responsibility. If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact us.

Production Guarantee stands by the quality of all products and services we produce. We warrant that every product printed at our facility meets industry quality standards and is free of any material defect in workmanship. If you find a defect in our print product we will reprint the original artwork and ship at no charge to you. In order to verify that a defect has occured, we must receive samples sent to our address prior to reprinting the order. We will, at our discretion issue a pickup of the original product to be returned to our facility. This guarantee does not apply to color reproduction on orders printed with the gang run process. If your job is color critical it needs to be placed on it's own press run (without the discounts of gangrun printing) and we will provide a proof for color approval. Please contact us for more information.

Turnaround Guarantee

Although we make every effort to meet all posted turnaround schedules, our turnaround on all offset printing is intended as an estimate and not a guarantee. We can not be responsible for delays caused by mechanical malfunctions, or other unforseen circumstances.

We guarantee that any job that uses our RUSH or EXPEDITE service will ship on time or 100% of the rush fee will be refunded and a 10% credit will be given on a future order.

Color Output Guarantee

We print our clients' jobs on a "gangrun" with many other customer pieces. Because we split the setup costs across many customers' jobs, we are able to substantially discount the 4-color printing process. We are able to cut production costs by at least 80%. However, this process is not without limitations. Because particular attention to each individual piece can not be maintained without affecting the rest of the run, gangrun printing works within a "pleasing color" spectrum. This means that output will vary from run to run, and can not be reproduced precisely. We are unable to guarantee your color output to exact color match. Please keep this in mind when placing your offset order. Color variations are normally slight, but they do exist.

Additionally, color shifts will come from:

  • Different Pressman
  • Different Equipment
  • Different Paper
  • Enviroment conditions such as humidity and barometric pressure shifts during a press run

Because of these limitiations - the 100% accuracy of color reproduction IS NOT guaranteed.

What we WILL color match:

  • Non-gangrun items which color calibrated Epson proofs are requested and signed off on. Pressman requires original proof for matchprint process.
  • Digital printed items with a requested hardcopy proof. If color match is required, we need the original proof prior to production for match process.
  • PMS 5th/Spot color if purchased. CMYK to PMS conversions to not apply.

What we will TRY to color match if requested:

  • Non-gangrun items that have supplied live sample of prior output from an offset press. Especially applies if printed sample was run by us. Please request color match and include a live sample for a pressman to work against. If known, please include the type & model of the equipment your job was produced on.

What we WILL NEVER color match:

Consumer grade inkjet proofs, color copies, digital prints.


Graphic Design Guarantee

All Graphic Design Services are 100% Guaranteed for satisfaction. You will be satisfied with the design we create for you or we will refund your money in full, no questions asked. This guarantee is valid prior to approval for printing. Once you have approved the artwork for printing, it is assumed you are satisfied with our design services.

Mailing Services Guarantee

We guarantee that your postage savings will be more than we charge for our mailing services or we'll address it for free. This does not include mailings that are under our minimum cost of $125. For example, if you mail 5000 postcards, we guarantee we will save you more than $200 in postage.

Reprint Policy & Guarantees

What is a reprintable item:

What is not a reprintable item:

Before ANY job is approved for reprint we require samples to be sent to us for verification. We may, at our discretion, issue a pickup request by FedEx/UPS of the original order. All reprints are of the original artwork submitted.

Return Policy & Guarantees

What is a cancellable/refundable item:

What is not cancellable/refundable:



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